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Simply Digital isn’t just a clever name – it’s built into everything we do. We provide systems which are designed to make life simpler. It’s no good have a sophisticated system if no one can figure out how to use it. Our systems, no matter how complex, are designed to have a minimal learning curve, with no one needing to refer to a manual.

Simply Digital is a UK-based database consulting company that focuses on the design, installation and maintenance of small to medium-sized office and school database systems. We have clients throughout the UK and international clients in USA and Australia. We specialise in FileMaker™ development, and also work with Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL and other database systems.

Some of our capabilities are:

The staff of Simply Digital has been working on computer systems of various sizes and sophistication since the 70s. Simply Digital focuses on the needs of the design, installation and on-site maintenance of small to medium sized office FileMaker™ database systems from basic to extraordinary, with extra emphasis on ease of use, performance, security and reliability. We develop sophisticated FileMaker™ databases tailored to the individual needs of each client. We will advise on computers, networks, Internet access, storage equipment and any required peripherals along with their required software.

Our staff have successfully designed and installed systems ranging from one computer to multi-million dollar installations using the latest and highest-performance technology available.

We specialise in integrating systems which no one else would even attempt and have a successful track record in doing so.

We have developed computers and computer software of our own design and have produced several commercial shrink-wrapped products over the years. As a result, some of our expertise and capabilities may not be listed on this site. Please contact us for further information.

References available upon request.


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