ADAM is growing up – A Student Admissions System that is reaching greater maturity with new features

​Who or what is ADAM?

It’s a “what” rather than a “who”. ADAM is a student admissions system by Simply Digital which has been created to facilitate UK higher education student admissions and student management.



How has ADAM taken account of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many educational institutions had to modify their recruitment and teaching process during 2020 with fewer open days, little or no face-to-face interviews and a shift towards using video technology as a means of conducting meetings, interviews, lectures and assessments. Adam has evolved to include video content as part of the record management process. More of that later!


​What are the main benefits of using ADAM?

ADAM is not a generic system that has been forced into supporting a HESA process. ADAM has been designed from the ground up to support HESA.

Unlike other, more complicated products originally aimed at universities and large colleges and reworked for alternative providers, ADAM is designed for you. You never need to remember or lookup a HESA code. HESA reports are generated with a single click.

ADAM saves time, money and frustration by collecting all the latest student information into one system, fully meeting the needs of HESA and your staff.

​What are ADAM’s latest features?


  • Contact info
  • Online
  • In-person
  • Multi-stage applications
  • One web portal for all stages of application and beyond
  • Optimised for desktop and mobile devices
  • Applicants, students and alumni can always access their data
  • Fully integrated WYSIWYG online content management system (CMS)
  • In-person interviews
  • Video interviews
  • Web portal for staff to review videos
  • Unlimited applications capacity per year

Enrolled students

  • Contact info
  • Finance
  • Assessments
  • Awards
  • Contact History
  • Document storage
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Medical records



  • Contact info
  • Assessments
  • Awards
  • Contact History
  • Document storage



  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited course modules



  • Automatic HESA compliant reports with built-in validation (Updated every year)
  • Unlimited user-defined reports 
  • Track admissions performance across all years

GDPR compliance built in



  • Microsoft Azure
  • Vimeo

Install on-premises or in cloud


​ADAM’s view of things

You might be interested to see one or two usage scenarios. Here are some shots of Adam in action.


1. Processing an application received from a student


2. View showing an enrolled Student


3. The student database Content Management System


4. Portal for applicants use


5. Support for video content

One of the recent innovations has been the use of video for interviewing and assessing students. This video content can now be referenced and stored as a part of Adam’s record keeping.


​Want to find out more?

We can arrange a further discussion or demonstration so that you can see the benefits of Adam for yourself.

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