• 10 May 23

    ADAM turns 5

    Now HESA Data Futures compliant and that is just the start...
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  • 16 December 21

    ADAM is growing up – A Student Admissions System that is reaching greater maturity with new features

    An overview of the exciting new features being adopted in this HESA compliant student management application...
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  • 29 May 18

    Simply GDPR arrives

    Simply GDPR gives you GDPR compliance with minimal effort...
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  • 15 May 18

    FileMaker 17 arrives

    FileMaker 17 was launched today. This new version ushers in a lot of new features, but also some significant changes in licensing......
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  • 16 November 17

    What is GDPR?

    GDPR is coming in May 2018. If you don't know what it is, you should read this...
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  • 09 May 17

    FileMaker 16 launches

    With the launch of FileMaker 16 today, the company is adding new features for both of these constituencies, though there is clearly a strong emphasis on offering better support for experienced developers with this release....
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