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What is it?

Simply GDPR is a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) audit and data management tool, designed to take the pain out of compliance with the GDPR. Unlike other products which often only offer a collection of forms and statements, or are limited to working in your website, Simply GDPR does much more. It will guide you through the process of obtaining consent for permission-based marketing and will also act upon it. Simply GDPR can also interact with and manage your permission records across your, and your suppliers', data stores and databases.

Comply - obtain permission

Record - keep records

Manage records

Why choose Simply GDPR?

Simply GDPR saves you time and money by creating a GDPR process, and reducing overheads by integrating all your databases into one.

Most other GDPR products out there fall in to one of two camps:

1. High cost, sophisticated solutions for enterprises that require you to have an IT department to use them.

2. Less expensive solutions merely offering you forms and statements needed for GDPR compliance. This falls short of the GDPR requirements for data protection, safeguarding processes and rights to privacy.

The costs of non-compliance are very high! Eye-watering fines are threatened. You need to have a watertight reason for possessing anyone's data. Marketing requires businesses to obtain consent before storing or using personal information.

Now there is help at hand. Simply GDPR will manage the process of obtaining consent, acting upon it, and much more.

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