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System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and later and:

    • 2 GB RAM

  • Windows 7 Professional Editon and later and:

    • 1 GHz or faster x86 or x64 processor

    • 1 GB RAM

The trial version allows up to 50 contacts


How does Simply GDPR help businesses and organisations?

Simply GDPR helps you to obtain permission for record keeping of personal data used for marketing. It records that data and helps you manage that data, going forward, across all of your data stores.

It helps you manage your GDPR process, saves you time, helps you avoid the problem of managing multiple data stores that may contain the same information and helps you keep your records compliant and up-to-date.

Simply GDPR in more detail


  • Provides GDPR compliance and Data Protection by Design

  • Provides GDPR-compliant lists for marketing and protection of personal data

  • Gives you and your customers unlimited data uses and consent options

  • Helps you with your GDPR data audit and captures the results

  • Unlimited data stores supported

  • Manages unlimited types of people, e.g. prospects, customers, employees, applicants, suppliers etc

  • Full consent history maintained indefinitely

  • Refers you to data protection legal experts if you need help

  • Generates privacy policy statements automatically

  • Works and fully integrates with personal data from all your existing and new contacts and systems

  • Secure online storage of consent information

  • Automatically synchronises GDPR-compliant contact lists across your organisation

  • No web site required

  • MailChimp integration

  • Prevents accidental re-adding of deleted personal data


...and more

  • Automatically manages the process of gathering and updating consent for current and new contacts via simple, customisable emails

  • Automatically or manually add people to your lists when they provide consent

  • Automatically or manually remove people from your lists when they deny consent

  • Notifies and follows up with responsible staff member on action needed

  • Manages compliance with all GDPR rights

  • Multi-user

  • Automatic updates


If you'd like more information about how it works then please give us a call!

We'd love to talk to you about the benefits of using Simply GDPR!


Comply - obtain permission

Record - keep records

Manage records

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